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Searching for Best Value Properties in Mexico?
We can help you find Houses, Apartments, Hotels, Multiple Units, Beach Lotes, Comercial Buildings, Farms and more...
We have a large inventory in Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal, Tankah, Tulum, The Maya Riviera, Majahual, Bacalar, Chetumal, anywhere in the Costa Maya, Yucatan or Campeche.
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    We know the market, the system, the properties and the sources for home improvement.
    We welcome the opportunity to serve your interests and needs.
    Searching for Best Value Properties in Mexico?
    We can help you find Houses, Apartments, Hotels, Multiple Units, Beach Lotes, Comercial Buildings, Farms and more...
    We have a large inventory in Cancun, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Puerto Aventuras, Akumal, Tankah, Tulum, The Maya Riviera, Majahual, Bacalar, Chetumal, anywhere in the Costa Maya, Yucatan or Campeche.
    Our professional staff will assist you to invest in the right property in full compliancen with Mexican law.
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    As one of the leading cities in Mexico, it is unsurprising that there are plenty of people considering investing in Cancun property. Cancun has also attracted plenty of investors over recent years as, unlike the more remote parts of Mexico, it has a well-developed transport and communications structure, making property in this city less of a perceived risk than other more remote areas. There is no denying Cancun's appeal to both tourists and property investors. This region is the place to be for those looking for state of the art facilities and some of the most dynamic nightlife in the country. As well as the modern facilities, there are some stunning beaches that boast unrivaled surfing and other water sports such as sailing and scuba diving. New build apartments are generally considered a good investment, with solid capital growth and an ever increasing number of tourists traveling to the region. These trends not only promise good capital growth but also strong rental yields of around 6 to 10 percent, annually. Apartments are available from as little as 100,000 US dollars, with larger villas available for around 150,000 US dollars. There is also considerable development opportunity in and around Cancun, with land available at really reasonable prices, allowing more ambitious investors the opportunity to plan and build their own property or even apartment block! Cancun is very much on the up and is hugely attractive to tourists, worldwide, making this a real property hotspot!
    Playa del Carmen
    Playa del Carmen, or simply 'Playa' as it's known locally, has been described by London's Financial Times as "growing at breakneck pace" and "the centre of one of Mexico's most dynamic tourism regions". The Riviera Maya and Playa del Carmen real estate market have had some of the world’s most interesting growth rates and fascinating examples of regional trends. During the 1990’s the little village was known as the pier town where you grabbed the ferry to get to Cozumel. Now, during this decade, this little village has become more intertwined with the international business world, and consequently, adjustments to the real estate market have been witnessed from the direct effects of the world economic downturn. Over the past five years, Playa del Carmen has been one of Mexico real estate’s strongest appreciation markets with returns in the double digits. During the first years of the 2000 decade, many investors would purchase pre construction condo units and sell them 8 or 12 months later with 30% or more appreciation. It was a boom all over the coast. In the middle of this decade, it was quite common to hear buyers comment, “I should have bought that property 2 years ago when I first saw it!”
    Playacar is a residential and tourist development in Playa del Carmen, just south of the main urban area. In this development most of the all-inclusive hotels, the aviary, and the golf course are located. There are two phases, phase 1 is mostly residential with a few hotels and some stores. Phase 2 contains the largest all inclusive resorts along with the golf course and a significant number of residential properties. Playacar was developed starting in 1979 by Mr. Fernando Barbachano's company: Compania Impulsora Turi­stica de Playa del Carmen, S.A., The development was later sold to Aircoa, an American Corporation, which later sold the development to SIDEK of the Martinez Huitron Family and more recently sold to Mr. Ernesto Echeverria. There is a significant European influence in Playa, with a number of local business proprietors drawn from the European expatriate community.
    defined by a balance of close contact with the beautiful, surrounding nature, ongoing infrastructure improvements and growing real estate opportunities. Since the early 1960's, Cozumel's importance as a Caribbean vacation destination has grown steadily. Today, approximately 2 million vacationers from around the globe visit the island annually, arriving by Cozumel's International Airport, ferry, and cruise ship. So has the demand to own real estate on the island. The result has been a scarcity of large tracks of beachfront property. 0ne of the ongoing projects in Cozumel is the new Marina, the first stages of which is expected to be completed during the first part of 2010. This project will not only bring more visitors to the island – visitors arriving by cruise and for boating purposes provide the island's main economy – but it will also provide exciting new real estate opportunities for buyers in Cozumel. The Marina will also continue to develop the island's yachting and fishing cultures, bringing new activities for boat owners who live on the island, and those who plan to buy real estate in the near future.
    Puerto Aventuras
    Search for Caribbean magic within luxurious security?.The gated community is parted in three different sections to choose from. The condos and houses in the Puerto Aventuras beach section offer a great choice of amenities and stunning ocean views. Apart from that, even on the most desirable spots there are still some vacant lots for open construction available. Many houses have direct access to the beach. One literally steps out of the door onto its white sand. The marina section in the heart of town is perfect for boat owners seeking real estate, for they can anchor directly in front of their terraces. Elegant design, relaxing tranquility and the pleasurable sight of beautiful yachts passing by provide this part of Puerto Aventuras with an unmatched atmosphere of tropical high life, both enchanting and beautiful. The area around the golf course is the newest part and therefore the population density is still relatively low. Property owners in this area appreciate the ground’s fine greens and the cooling canopy of palms and other exotic trees.
    The archaeological site is relatively small in stature and is one of the best-preserved coastal Maya sites. Its proximity to the modern tourism developments along the Mexican Caribbean coastline has made it a popular destination for tourists. The Tulum ruins are the third most-visited archaeological site in Mexico. Tulum Investment Property Several years ago, Tulum village was quiet and tourism outside of the ruins was limited to a few small shops. Now, Tulum village has grown dramatically. There is now a "hotel zone" of boutique hotels on the Tulum beach - approximately 40 small hotels, most of them cabanas built in the traditional Mayan style with thatched palm roofs. The hotel zone is mostly filled with tourists, whereas Tulum village is mostly a Mexican town, with some tourists eating in the restaurants and bars at night. With Tulum's international airport confirmed, a new mayor and government, and big investment in real estate from some major players, the market is primed and ready to boom. Since Tulum became an independent municipaility last year and the new international airport has been confirmed, land prices have already risen rapidly. In addition, the newly elected mayor and government are now in Tulum itself and are better positioned to resolve zoning problems, speed up building permits and plan sustainable and environmentally responsible development of the area. The Tulum real estate market has already been compared with Playa del Carmen of 20 years ago and is set to be the next boom town on the Mexican Caribbean coast. We estimate that some current Tulum land opportunities could offer more than 50% return on investment per year.
    The Costa Maya is located on the south end of the Mexican Caribbean coast. On the north side it touches the Sian Ka'an biosphere reserve and on the south side it contains the Xcalak National Reef Park. The Costa Maya is separated from Belize by the river Boca Bacalar Chico. The area is slowly developing into an ecological tourist area. Low impact hotels are slowly emerging on the coast. As the last undiscovered market on Mexico’s Caribbean coast, Costa Maya real estate may seem like a compelling investment. The region may be particularly interesting to pioneering investors, who would “have the opportunity to shape a future for the area with respect to [its] environment and culture, As a potential tourist hotspot, the underdeveloped Costa Maya real estate market could experience a boom similar to that of it neighbors, Cancun and Riviera Maya. However, its immediate prospects remain unclear. Costa Maya property prices have increased, but the region has been slow to develop, according to Murphy. A key player in development (or the lack thereof) has been Fonatur, Mexico’s national trust for the promotion of tourism, which appears to have “lessened [its] commitment to the area,”
    BACALAR is still the best kept secret but not for long. Safe and peaceful located just 15 miles from the capital of the state and its airport, this breathtaking turquoise lagoon is now becoming the favorite of developers and entrepreneurs with deep pocket back up Some reasons why investing NOW ! in Bacalar ! is considered the best investment in the Mexican Costa Maya project. Several 5 star hotels in the area , some focusing in the nearby archeological sites and some in the natural beauty of this unspoiled area. Safari Theme Park : The entrepreneurs of Xcaret Park and Africam Park have joined ventures to develop this theme park in 200 acres of PARADISIAC NATURE .The natural jungle plus the lagoon's turquoise waters are the perfect combination that will make of this park the most important destination in the area for Wild life observation and nature lovers. Majahual Port is one of the most important stops for Cruise ships. Offering diversity of activities like , archeology sites , visits to charming Bacalar town, scuba in the world famous Chinchorro reef and the still rustic fisherman settlement of Majahual. The recently built 4 lane concrete highway ,Bacalar - Majahual , makes commuting a smooth ride. Casinos and duty free zone just 20 kms from Bacalar Huge development in the north side of the lagoon.
    Founded in 1898 by then Lt. Othón Pompeyo Blanco Núñez de Cáceres, Chetumal is now the state capital of Quintana Roo, in the southeast of Mexico. With a high growth rate, economic success, and active social life, Chetumal has become the ideal place for business entrepreneurs and families wanting to live in a peaceful tropical community. Chetumal is known as the birthplace of mestizaje because of the legend that tells how in the year 1511 the Spanish Marine Gonzalo Guerrero, a slave in service to Jerónimo de Aguilar, was taken to the Mayan city of Ichpaatún at the north of what today is the Bay of Chetumal. There he adopted the Mayan culture himself. Later on he was released after saving the life of his master, and he took in marriage the Mayan princess Zazil Ha. From that union was born his eldest daughter, Ixmo, first Mestizo of Mexico. Chetumal is a small growing city with an international airport. The city has a Museum of Maya Culture as well as a zoo. Museum of Maya Culture Chetumal's economy has been influenced by its proximity to the border with Belize. A goods and services tax-free zone (Corozal Free Zone) established on the Belizean side attracts many visitors to Chetumal and also provides a ready market for Chetumal's retailers and traders. Chetumal itself was also once a free zone and a notable destination for people from other parts of Mexico seeking to purchase high-value and bulk goods, free of government duty charges (a policy that was deliberately implemented to attract this business). The city retains a significant retail trade for the region, which supports many local businesses. Several modern malls have been built, such as the Plaza de Américas mall, which houses a modern movie theater (which belongs to the Mexican chain Cinepolis), various department store chains, fast-food outlets, and supermarkets. In addition to its retail economy, Chetumal is also the capital of the state of Quintana Roo. Since it is the location of all of the state's central offices, there is a large population of government employees whose consumption of local goods and services injects additional revenue into the Chetumal economy.
    The charming and magical city of Merida is the capital city of the state of Yucatan and is located about 35km (22 mi) from the Gulf of Mexico coast and 320 km (198 mi) from Cancun. With its tropical climate and cool winds that blow in from the coast, with an average temperature of 33º C (91º F) throughout most of the year. Merida was founded in 1542 by a Spanish conquistador known as El Adelantado, and was built upon the ruins of the Mayan city Ti’ho. It was originally built as a walled city to protect the residents from attacks by the Mayas. The city is known today as the White City, as it was originally constructed using white limestone, which is still evident in the buildings seen today. Much of Merida’s architecture from the colonial period and through the 18th and 19th Century in the central city area, with beautiful and solidly built colonial buildings that house the city’s history, art, traditions and culture. Located in the Historic Center of Merida is an impressive 16th century cathedral, the oldest in North America. Merida is full of culture, with a vast range of exquisite art galleries, interesting museums, such as the Yucatan Museum of Archaeology, and wonderful tourist shops. The Paseo Montejo, the city’s main avenue, is lined with 19th century mansions and world class hotels. The local cuisine of Merida is renowned for its unique style and flavour, different from the rest of Mexico. Merida has been a popular real estate destination for North Americans looking for homes in a colonial city, which includes highly developed infrastructure and excellent services in terms of health care, stores and activities buying on the Yucatán Peninsula, there is much to choose from. Perhaps you would like a reasonably priced beach home somewhere along the Gulf Coast or a more expensive one on the Caribbean. Maybe you would like a historic colonial home in Mérida or a hacienda in the surrounding jungle? Or you might be looking for a modern home in a golf course community like La Ceiba, just a few minutes north of Mérida on the road to Progreso.
    Progreso Beach
    Progreso is a port city in the Mexican state of Yucatán, located on the Gulf of Mexico in the north-west of the state some 30 minutes north of state capital Mérida (the biggest city on the Yucatán Peninsula) by highway. As of the Mexican census of 2005, Progreso had an official population of 35,519 inhabitants, the fifth-largest community in the state in population. The city is also the municipal seat of the surrounding municipality of the same name. The municipality's area is 270.10 km² (104.29 sq mi) and its population at the census was 49,454 inhabitants. Its largest other towns are Chicxulub, Campestre Flamboyanes, and Chelem. Progreso is a center for both the fishing industry and the container industry. All containers arrive in Progreso and are distributed to Yucatán, Campeche and Quintana Roo. Progreso [1] also is one of the newest ports for large cruise ships. Passengers disembark on a very long pier that juts out 6.5 km (4 miles) into the Gulf of Mexico. Passengers are taken to shore to visit Progreso, Mérida or the Maya civilization archaeological sites of Uxmal and Dzibilchaltun. A few years ago Progreso was promout as the first retirment beach destination in Mexico. With its proximity to Merida Progreso has all the services and amenities of a first class city and that is wath makes the diference wen comes to chousing a property for the porpouse of retirment.
    The city of Campeche at the north of the state is the capital,this city has something most colonial cities don’t; it’s directly on the oceanfront, adding the charm of seeing fishing boats head out sea in the early morning. Also, because the city was built on the ocean, it was susceptible to raids from Caribbean pirates. Because of this, a castle-like wall was built around the original colonial city, adding a touch of magic. Quaint homes in the colonial city center are a real estate niche that as of yet has received little attention, meaning they are available for very low price,in fact in compare with Merida it will be safe to say that Campeche is 30 to 40% cheaper. The part of the Campeche real estate market that is as currently just starting to receive a little attention from American, Canadian and European buyers is the stretch of beautiful beachfront in the southern half of the state, starting about 45 minutes south of the capital, and stretching down to the state’s second major city, Ciudad del Carmen, where the state ends. Near a town named Champoton a European developer has been investing millions of dollars into a resort / real estate development, where luxury condos are available starting at about $300,000 US. This new development has sparked a “renovation” of Champoton, which is developing and bringing more attention to its quaint seafood restaurants and new boardwalk; Champoton may be place to keep an eye on for real estate possibilities.

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